Charity organisations associated with LSGC

Sunrise School Laudium

Sunrise School is a public, severe mental disability school.

203 Maxwell Road, Laudium, 0037

Tel : (012) 374-3942

Laudium Child Welfare

Laudium Child Welfare is an orphanage taking care of 50+ kids


220 4th Ave, Laudium, Centurion, 0037


Tel : 012 374 3491

Laudium Cancer Association

Laudium Cancer Association / Laudium Cancer Care Group 

The Laudium Cancer Care Group was formed by a small group of volunteers in September 1986, who shared a common goal of offering a support system to cancer patients and their families and to help them enjoy a better quality of life.

The Group’s services have been rendered with 100% community support and funding for the past 30 years. Volunteers have provided supportive services including emotional support, transport, financial assistance, and the provision of (limited) medical care by an employed nurse.

We welcome the generous support of the community in all our fundraising events. This multicultural organisation offers support to patients in Laudium, Cladius,

Erasmia, Lotus Gardens, Pretoria West, Valhalla, Heuweloord and other parts of Centurion

Our team comprises of a governing board and a dynamic group of volunteers. There are 14 volunteers and one staff member (an enrolled nurse).

There are so many patients in our community whom in addition to having cancer, face financial strain which aggravates the status of their illness.

Our group of volunteers have recognised this and we try to reach as many patients as we can to make sure they get the correct knowledge and support as we are able to offer.

Administration of our patient lists, financial administration, organising day cares, cancer awareness programmes at schools and in our community and fundraising, are all planned and executed by our volunteers throughout the year to keep our organisation afloat.

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Sitara Drug Rehab Center

Laudium Care for the Aged

Office Hours Contact:

Laudium Retirement Home

012 374 0015

Email Address:

After Hours Contact:

083 609 1446


Est. 1 March 2017

NPO Reg No: 012-017


320 12th Avenue, Laudium, 0037

In association with PHS: 

PBO No: 930004205

Laudium Mental Health Society

203 Maxwell Road, Claudius, EXT 1

Laudium, Gauteng

Tel : 012 374 3002

Caring Women's Bursary Fund

New Beginnings Orphanage

558 Bengal St, Laudium, Centurion, 0037

Tel : 012 384 2189

NPC: 017-243

PBO: 930 011 817

Section21: 2010/014470/08


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