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We have a new winner at our golf day every year but actually charity wins every year, Welcome to Since 1995 we have been hosting this tournament in aid of Laudiums charity organisations. With help from all the members in our organisation we have successfully aided many charities, mainly the following:

Sunrise School Laudium - School for the mentally handicapped
Laudium Child Welfare
Laudium Cancer Association
Sitara Drug Rehab Centre
Laudium Care for the Aged
Laudium Mental Health Society
Caring Womens Bursary Fund
New Beginnings Orphanage

Many of these organisations would not be able to sustain themselves with state grants and subsidies only and your magnanimous support makes a crucial difference to their ongoing plight to help the needy. We can assure you that your contribution has made a difference to the lives of many ill, handicapped and disadvantaged persons. We appeal to you to sponsor this worthy cause.

LSGC Members

Ahmed Gani

Ahmed Rashid Cassim

Ashraf Sadick

Asif Joosub

Asif Moosa

Abdul Rahman Moosa

Abdoola Dawson

Asif Crown

Azam Osman

Carrim Kharbai

Ebrahim Abdoola

Ebrahim Mahommed

Ebrahim Mansoor

Faadil Suliman

Faheem Ghoor

Faizel Gani

Fazel Motani

Fareed Vally

Feroz Aboo

Fazel Moosa

Feroz Carrim

Farhad Gani

Feroz Carrim

Goolam Mohammed

Hamzah Gutta

Ighsaan Mohammed

Ighsaan Ebrahim

Dr Imtiaz Hoosein

Irfaan Khoor

Ismaeel Mohammed

Imtiaz Tayob

Mohammed Alli

Minesh Kashev

Mohammed Arbee

Mohammed Waja

Moosa Jassat

Mohammed Dockrat

Mohammed Akoob

Naeem Mahommed

Dr Nazeer Hoosein

Raees Jassat

Rashard Kalla

Rehaan Mottiar

Riyad Essop

Riyad Dinath

Safwaan Moosa

Saleem Hassan Mia

Shaheer Moosa

Shezaad NoorMohammed

Shiraz Ebrahim

Shiraaz Ismail

Siraaj Dockrat

Saleem Carrim

Suhail Joosub

Yusuf Ebrahim

Zaahir Elias

Zafar Katkodia

Zaid Areff

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